Thursday, October 23, 2014

20% Off All Merchandise This Weekend

Fall 3-Day Sale


FridaySaturday, & Sunday
 Oct 24th, 25th, & 26th
 20% Off All Merchandise
 3 Days Only!

Sorry, no price adjustments

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Blue-Haired Shopkeeper

My relationship with By Hand began right out of college, when I was hired by Susan and Elaine.  During my first week, Susan pulled me aside.  She pointed out some of our regulars and said simply, “Take a lesson.”  I am not sure what prompted this statement.  Perhaps it was my fearful delivery of, “Let me know if you need anything,” while secretly hoping everyone would say they were okay.  Or maybe it was the same three “grown up” outfits I wore, dutifully rotated each week. 

Following Susan's advice, I paid attention and I learned.  I talked with health workers, film makers, artists, and attorneys.  I talked with people in finance, research, and education.  At By Hand, diversity and talent abound.  You're a smart bunch...confident, warm, and comfortable with yourselves.  At By Hand, I learned to be this way too.  I learned to express my opinions with confidence, to laugh at myself, and to advocate for my needs.  My signature nose wrinkle is familiar to many of you.  I am still a work in progress, but you have helped lay the foundation for the person I am and will become.   I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to help me grow from college student to the woman I am today.

For almost two decades, By Hand has been part of my life.   My journey with By Hand has been similar to many of you who first came to the shop fresh out of college, newly minted adults.  I've progressed from English major to small business owner.  Shopgirl to shopkeeper.  Along the way my hair has changed from black to blue to red to purple to black to blue again.  For many of you, I will always be the blue haired shopkeeper.

I am honored to be part of By Hand.  I hope under my and Paula's stewardship we have done right by the shop, our staff, and by all of you.  By Hand, my staff, and all of you have certainly done right by me.  

Friday, October 3, 2014

Farewell to Loco Lindo Sale

Saturday 10/4  - Sunday 10/12
All Loco Lindo Clothing 20% Off

We are sad to announce that after 22 years of producing vintage influenced apparel, Loco Lindo is closing up shop.  This is your chance to stock up on Loco Lindo dresses, pants, skirts, and tops. 

Sorry, no price adjustments

Friday, September 12, 2014

Closed Sunday, Sept 14th. Gone Strolling'

By Hand will be closed Solano Stroll Sunday.  
The By Hand staff will  be out and about on the avenue 
eating garlic fries, listening to music, and shopping the booths. 
Happy Strolling!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Little Pick Me Ups for $20 and Under

Need a little something to perk up an outfit?  We have two new $20 and Under sections in the shop.  Be sure to visit the $20 and Under jewelry case by the desk and the $20 and Under scarf display by the dressing rooms.


Friday, August 29, 2014

August Sweaters

Sisters Sweater, Terri Boone Necklace,
& Asian Eye Scarf

Curio Sweater & Coco Bean Necklace
G & C United Knitwear Sweater
& Echo Scarf

Friday, June 6, 2014

20% Off All Menswear This Weekend

Annual Menswear Sale

Saturday & Sunday
June 7th & June 8th
All Menswear 20% Off
2 Days Only!

Sorry, no price adjustments